Israel Invents “World’s Tinniest Tech”

Meanwhile, IDF deploys semi-autonomic border patrol robots along Gaza fence

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Startup Nation
Illustration. Is it any surprise that Israel's also leading the way in nano-technology? Photo: Yossi Zamir/Flash90

The Startup Nation strikes again. Researchers at Tel Aviv University are being credited with developing the “world’s tinniest tech” after they introduced an information storage device with the thickness of just two atoms.

The device is comprised of a layer of boron and a layer of nitrogen, both the thickness of just one atom. The layers slide over one another enabling them to store electric information.

If you don’t understand the science, don’t worry. What matters to us laymen is that this innovation could “significantly improve electronic devices in terms of speed, density and energy consumption,” according to a statement put out by the university.

The researchers noted that current nano storage devices measure at least 100 atoms in thickness.


Semi-autonomous border control

In related news, the Israel Defense Forces have deployed new semi-autonomous border patrol robots along the Gaza security fence.

The six-wheeled “Jaguar” is reportedly equipped with a full suite of advanced sensors, a self-driving system, and several machine guns.

It’s deployment along the Gaza frontier will help keep Israeli soldiers safe from Palestinian snipers and infiltrators.

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