Israel Prepares for First Snow Storm of the Winter

Heavy rains and extreme cold predicted for Friday, which means significant snowfall in Jerusalem

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A fierce winter storm is expected to drop snow on Jerusalem and Israel’s higher elevations and bring severe flooding to the coastal plain on Friday.

On Wednesday, rain began to fall from Haifa in the north to Beersheva in the southern Negav region, threatening some flooding already. Temperatures also began to fall.

On Thursday, the rainfall is expected to intensify, accompanied by high winds and a steep drop in temperatures.

The peak of the storm is predicted for Friday morning, when downpours and significant snowfall are being eagerly awaited, at least by children living at those higher elevations.

Ahead of the storm, the Jerusalem Municipality is meeting urgently to discuss how to manage the situation, as severe snowstorms have had a detrimental impact on the city in the past.

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