Israel Prepares for War With Hamas

IDF estimates that 1,000 terrorists are digging terror tunnels into southern Israel, tells troops to prepare for action

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Senior commanders in Israel’s Southern Command are warning their troops to be prepared for possible preemptive action against the Hamas terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

Israel knows that Hamas is digging terror tunnels into southern Israel in preparation for the next war. In fact, Hamas itself has admitted as much.

On Wednesday, IDF officials cited by Israel’s Yediot Ahronot assessed that some 1,000 terrorists are currently engaged in digging tunnels into Israel, including a massive central tunnel that could already extend deep into Israel’s southern Negev region.

Many in Israel, most especially the residents living in the vicinity of Gaza, want the army to strike first and not give Hamas the chance to infiltrate their communities.

One officer told Walla! News that “the various units should prepare for the possibility that the political echelon will lose patience or that the threat of tunnels in the Gaza Strip will not allow for restraint, and they will try to initiate treatment of the tunnels in Palestinian territory.”

In recent weeks at least a dozen Hamas terrorists have been killed when the tunnels in which they were working suddenly collapsed. There is much speculation that IDF engineering units were behind those incidents.

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