Israel Stands With France; Netanyahu Wants United War on Terror

‘We are not responsible for the terror that targets us, just as the French are not to blame; terror is terror’

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Across Israel on over the weekend it was clear that the Jewish state was standing in determined solidarity with France, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a united war on Islamic terror.

Rallies, political statements, and the lighting up of the Knesset and Jerusalem’s Old City in red, white and blue (the colors of the French flag) demonstrated that Israel not only felt France’s pain after last Friday’s horrific terrorist assault in Paris, but that it was ready to work together to end the terrorist threat.

That was the message Netanyahu delivered at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday morning.

“It’s time that the world wake up and unite to beat terror,” said the prime minister.

Netanyahu continued by demanding that the international community stop treating terrorism against Israeli differently than attacks elsewhere, such as in Paris.

“It’s time that countries [around the world] condemn the terror against us in the same way they condemn terror elsewhere in the world,” he insisted. “We are not responsible for the terror that is turned against us, just like the French aren’t responsible for the terror turned against them. …In Israel, like in France, terror is terror, and what stands behind it is extremist Islam and its desire to destroy its victims.”

Netanyahu singled out Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas “who yesterday condemned the terror attack in France” and should now be called upon to “condemn the cruel terror against innocents in Israel and battles the incitement that drives it.”

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