Israel Suspected in Aerial Assault on Damascus Airport

Attack likely targeted shipment of Iranian missiles to Lebanese terror group Hezbollah

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Over the weekend, the Al-Mezzeh military airport in Damascus was heavily bombed. The Syrian regime immediately pointed an accusatory finger at Israel.

The Syrian army accused the Jewish state of support rebel groups, and said that the “Israeli enemy” had fired several missiles from the skies over the Sea of Galilee, without violating Syrian airspace.

Israel has repeatedly warned that it would respond forcefully to any aggression from the Syrian side of the border.

And that includes strengthening Israel’s Lebanese foe, Hezbollah.

While the Israeli government would neither confirm nor deny involvement in the Damascus bombing, journalist and military expert Ron Ben-Yishai said it was likely meant to prevent the delivery of Iranian missiles to Hezbollah.

The attack was part of the “war between the wars,” Ben-Yishai wrote in an article for the Ynet news portal.

A Syrian military source told Russian media that the Israelis had used their new US-made F–35 fighter jets in the attack.

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