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As a political entity, Israel is as sinful as America, France, China… you name it. To suggest otherwise is to miss the wonder of what God has done, and is doing. At the same time, no Christian can cast stones at the Jewish state

Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

An American Christian, hours after arriving in Israel on tour a few years ago, let out a shriek that had her tour guide (me) hurrying to her seat on the bus.

“Look at that man! He’s smoking!” she cried. “Yes,” I said calmly, eyebrows quizzical. “So he is.”

“But,” her voice was clearly distressed, “it’s supposed to be the Holy Land!”

Admittedly this was a curious case — the dear lady was surely a sweet innocent — but it speaks to a perception I have found in Gentile circles, which should surely be addressed:

Yes, multitudes of Evangelicals will almost reflexively express “love and support” for Israel, something this universally-hated nation has been starved of throughout Christian history, and really welcomes. But there often seems to be a certain superficiality in knowledge about the historical details of Israel’s rebirth, a naiveté about her present spiritual state, and a woeful obliviousness to what the Bible clearly foretells as the Jews’ ultimate destination: Israel’s full restoration to the LORD.

Holding an overly rosy view of Israel can (and...

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