Israel Today Back ‘On Air’ After Hacker Attack

Hackers cause minor inconvenience in coordinated assault on Israeli servers, but can’t silence Israel Today

By Israel Today Staff |
FLASH90 web site was broken into by hackers from Algiers on August 05, 2008. Photo by Nati Shohat / FLASH90. *** Local Caption *** ???? ????? ???? ???? ????90 Photo: Nati Shohat / FLASH90

Our faithful readers surely noticed that Israel Today was unreachable the past several days, nor were there any news updates via email.

Every year on April 7, the hacker network known as Anonymous launches a coordinated and sustained 24-hour assault on Israeli websites and servers.

Due to Israel’s world-class cyber-security, these attacks have never resulted in any major damage to the Jewish state. But they do cause no small amount of annoyance and inconvenience as websites are temporarily defaced or taken offline.

And that’s what happened to Israel Today during this year’s attack.

The Israel-based servers where our sites are hosted sustained repeated attacks, requiring extended maintenance.

Now we are back online!

Anti-Israel haters like Anonymous may succeed in causing minor inconvenience, but their efforts to silence voices like Israel Today are ultimately futile.

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