Israeli-Arab Summer Camp Teaches Kids to Hate Israel

What did your kids do this summer? Many local Arab kids learned how to better hate Israel

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The summer holidays are coming to an end. That means summer camps are wrapping up with ceremonies and celebrations. One local Arab summer camp in Israel is concluding in a particularly worrying manner.

The above video is from the summer camp program of the Arab Balad Party, a faction in Israel’s Knesset.

The organizers of this camp decided this year to conclude with a special march through Bethlehem, where the Israeli-Arab children were encouraged to honor Palestinian “martyrs.”

As the kids marched through Bethlehem carrying Palestinian flags, they changed: “With our spirit and with our blood, we will liberate you, O Palestine.”

Nor was the indoctrination saved for just the end of the camp.

During the entire course of the program, the children were split into groups named after Palestinian terror groups and Arab leaders hostile toward Israel.

Member of Knesset Haneen Zoabi later wrote that her Balad party was “proud of these youth for their spirit of struggle and strength.”

Various NGOs have demanded that the Israel Police investigate Balad for breaking Israel’s laws regarding incitement.

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