Israeli Leftists Nearly Lynched Trying to Celebrate Ramadan

Left-wing activists snuck into Ramallah naively believing local Muslims would open their arms in welcome

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A group of naive Israeli left-wing activists snuck into the de facto Palestinian capital of Ramallah on Wednesday to mark the breaking of the Ramadan fast with local Muslims, and were nearly lynched.

As soon as the nine activists, who were in several vehicles, were identified as Israelis, local Muslims began hurling stones and firebombs at them.

One of the vehicles caught fire, forcing the Israelis to beat a hasty retreat.

Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces were able to extract the leftists before any were harmed. One was briefly taken for questioning by PA police, and all nine are now under investigation by Israeli authorities for violating a prohibition on Israeli citizens entering areas under full Palestinian Authority control.

PHOTO: Illustration (Flash90)

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