Israeli Media Speculates That Netanyahu’s Downfall May Come Sooner Than Expected

Most feel Netanyahu is the only leader who can hold together a coalition in fractious Israel

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a trio of serious corruption charges.

Even if the allegations aren’t all that serious (and some of them are) and even if he ends up not being guilty (but he probably is of at least some), the weight of the current scandal could still end his political career.

At least, that’s what the Israeli media is speculating. And some believe Netanyahu’s ouster may be closer than many realize.

Commentator Amotz Asa-El wrote over at The Jerusalem Post:

THE THREE probes all involve potential bribery aspects but are nonetheless completely unrelated, not only in their circumstances but also in their substance: one is about personal conduct; the other about influence peddling; and the third about governance.

The article goes on to analyze the “Game of Thrones” type of scenario that would follow Netanyahu’s resignation, with party leaders and Likud heavy-weights all vying for power.

The most likely short-term outcome would be one of Netanyahu’s more powerful Likud underlings becoming prime minister, at least temporarily.

But the inescapable reality is that Benjamin Netanyahu is currently the only politician in Israel that most can see successfully holding together a ruling coalition in the fractured wasteland that is Israeli politics.

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