Israeli dogs detect cancer David Cohen/Flash90

Israelis Training Dogs to Detect Cancer

Stunning development could revolutionize early cancer detection and boost treatment


They say that the dog is man’s best friend. To find out just how much these four-legged companions can really do, I met with Sefi Sahar, a dog trainer and co-owner of Magen Multi-Field Security (MFS), a company that specializes in using the animals’ unique senses and abilities to provide practical solutions to a wide range of problems. The company has around 30 dogs available throughout the country, including a variety of breeds, most notably the German Shepherd.

The tasks given to the canines are extremely diverse, and include guarding agricultural fields, protecting local communities, searching for missing persons, monitoring ecological conditions and providing therapeutical assistance to adolescents at risk. After their training as special facilities, nearly all of the dogs then go to live with their handlers.