MembersIsrael’s Poor Corruption Rating and the Prophets

Israel has been dropping in international corruption ratings, and this should be of grave concern to those who believe in the Bible

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Judaism, Government Corruption
Israelis protest corruption among their government leaders.
Israelis protest corruption among their government leaders. Photo: Gili Yaari/Flash90

Transparency International recently reported that the State of Israel ranks 36 out of 180 countries on their recent 2021/2022 Corruption Index. Five years ago, we were number 28. According to Transparency International, we are now more corrupt than Qatar. Among OECD countries, we are number 29 and falling. Why was the State of Israel ranked so poorly on a global corruption index and what should Jews do about this?

Although Transparency International does not give a reason why Israel is assessed to now be more corrupt than at any time since 1995, some analysts claim that one of the reasons is the fact that it has been confirmed that the Israel Police has been spying on Israeli citizens using the Pegasus spyware by NSO Group without a court order. It was also reported that the Israel Police utilized this technology to spy on local politicians and protesters.

Furthermore, there have been reports that Israel has sold this technology to other countries. While in many instances it was utilized to go after gangsters, terrorists and to generally...

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