Jerusalem Municipality Fires Security Guard For Disrespecting Jesus

Guard’s attempt to white-out stone engraving only served to highlight the name of Jesus

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The City of Jerusalem has taken harsh punitive action against one of its municipal city guards after he disrespected Jesus.

Tour guide Eran Tzidkiyahu posted on Facebook that he was walking through Safra Square in front of the Jerusalem Municipality when he spotted a security guard using white-out in a vain attempt to conceal the name of Jesus on a commemorative plaque.

"What you just did is a hate crime, and an act of vandalism," Tzidkiyahu told the guard. "I'm giving you an opportunity to clean it up now, in front of me, and I'll forget all about it. Otherwise, I'm going to the authorities."

The guard became belligerent, so Tzidkiyahu called over two police officers, noting that the whiteout on the plaque was still wet and insisting that they search the guard.

Realizing the trouble he could be in, the guard produced the bottle of whiteout, and after being scolded by the officers – one Jewish and the other Arab – he promised to clean the plaque.

While the Arab officer later told Tzidkiyahu that the guard had in fact cleaned the plaque, that wasn't good enough for the Jerusalem Municipality.

Seeing Tzidkiyahu's Facebook post, Municipal officials responded that they had conducted a brief investigation, concluded that the guard's treatment of the name of Jesus was "unworthy," and fired him.

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