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The legendary story recounted in the Book of Jonah took place around 780 BC. This date is supported by, among other things, the historical reference in 2 Kings 14:25.

By Ludwig Schneider |
Photo: Israel Heute

In just four short chapters, the Book of Jonah reveals the love of God for all men—both Jews and non-Jews. This message was entrusted by the Almighty to a God-fearing Jew who preferred to flee to the ends of the earth rather than bring the Good News to the goyim or (Gentile) nations. This shows that God had decided from the beginning that the whole world should be saved.


God chose the Jewish people to bring this about: “I…the Lord…will appoint you…as a light to the nations” (Isaiah 42:6). Even against his will, Jonah became an example of God’s all-encompassing love that does not exclude anyone, including the non-Jews.


This is a timely message because there was never a time when there were so many religious wars throughout the world as there are today.


Jonah knew what God had resolved to do,...

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