Jordan Asks Israel for More Water

Israel can scarcely afford to export more water, but might use the request to leverage renewed lease of land in Jordan Valley

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Israel's Hadashot TV news reports that neighboring Jordan has requested that the Jewish state provided it with even more water than stipulated in the peace agreement between the two countries.

This just weeks after the Hashemite Kingdom decided not to renew parts of that agreement under which Israel leases part of the Jordan Valley for agricultural use.

A delegation of Jordanian officials visited the Galilee region on Monday to make the request, explaining that Jordan is suffering from extreme drought.

Some believe Israel might use the request as leverage to convince Jordan to renew the Jordan Valley land lease. However, that would require actually providing Jordan with additional water, which Israel might not be able to spare, having itself weathered a significant drought over the past few years.

While the water situation in Israel at present is relatively stable, no one yet knows if the coming winter will bring sufficient rainfall, and the Sea of Galilee certainly cannot support any additional pumping.

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