Long Arm of the Mossad Eliminates ‘The Engineer’

Israeli media reporting that Mossad was behind assassination of senior Hamas scientist

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A Hamas official known as “The Engineer” was assassinated in Tunisia on Thursday, and everyone’s certain that Israel’s Mossad was responsible.

Mohammed Al-Zoari was a Tunisian aviation scientist and engineer who helped Hamas develop unmanned drones, among other weapons.

According to Israeli newspapers, Al-Zoari was lured into a newspaper interview. While he was en route, a truck suddenly blocked his car. Two agents then emerged from an adjacent vehicle and shot him dead.

Both members of the hit squad reportedly managed to flee Tunisia.

Israel will neither confirm nor deny its involvement officially. But local media is reporting as though Mossad carried out the killing, possibly using foreign agents.

Naturally, Hamas has promised a bloody response.

“[Hamas] mourns the martyr of Palestine, martyr of the Arab and Muslim nation, the Qassam leader, engineer and pilot Mohammad Zoari, who was assassinated by treacherous Zionist hands,” read a statement published by the terror group. “The enemy must know the Zoari’s blood was not spilled in vain.”

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