MembersMartin Luther and Jewish Believers in Yeshua

Exactly half a millennium ago, in 1517, German theologian and monk Martin Luther laid the foundations for a global religious revolution.

By Gershon Nerel |
Martin Luther
LUTHER’S PROTESTANT REFORMATION has strongly influenced the modern Messianic movement Photo: Creative Commons

Initially, he attempted to reform the Roman Catholic Church, yet eventually his raw doctrines became the foundation for numerous Protestant denominations.

One of these new denominations is the modern Messianic movement of Jewish believers in Yeshua (JBY). These followers of Yeshua (Jesus) embrace rabbinical traditions and Jewish folklore, support Zionism, and also accept the theological guidelines of Protestantism. However, from a Christological perspective, the Protestant doctrines are not much different than Roman Catholic ones. Both Protestant and Catholic Confessions of Faith follow the creedal formulas of the ecumenical Councils of Nicaea (325 AD) and Chalcedon (451 AD), which introduce non-biblical terminology.

Nowadays, most JBY adopt, nearly verbatim, the creeds of different Protestant denominations including Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anglicanism and Adventism, alongside the beliefs of the Baptists and Plymouth Brethren. The majority of contemporary JBY have adopted the faith in the Lord Yeshua through the testimony of Christians and Protestant missionaries.

Naturally, these JBY absorbed the doctrines of their spiritual parents. Not a few among them were also encouraged to become “leaders”...

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