MembersMessianic Art Exhibition in Tel Aviv

Steffi Rubin, a Messianic Jewish artist originally from New York, was commissioned by Jews for Jesus to create a number of paintings for a project based on the Gospel of Matthew.

By David Lazarus |
PAINTING WITH WORDS Steffi Rubin shares a message

Inspiration for the paintings came from a desire to draw attention to the Messiah’s Jewish heritage and quotes from the Hebrew Scriptures in the Gospels. The exhibit is now on display at the Tel Aviv Port, a popular boardwalk and shopping area along the Mediterranean.


The 20 large paintings, while cheerful and attractive, are overshadowed by hefty Hebrew Bible verses sketched across the canvasses. These bold Hebrew texts so dominate the pictures that they distract from the hidden beauty of the actual paintings lurking beneath.


The Jewish people always gave precedence to words over art. While it is often said that one picture is worth a thousand words, Jews believe that words have the real power to create. Scrolls, inscriptions, or engravings on ceremonial pieces dominated Jewish art for centuries, right up to modern times. Even the commandment not to make an image in the likeness of God was taken to mean that Jewish artists should focus on the word and shun the visual...

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