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IDF service is tense and challenging. Young Messianic soldiers look to their faith to sustain them.

By David Lazarus | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS
Israeli army service is a community affair, also for Messianic soldiers.
Photo: Flash90

PHOTO: Illustration. Israeli army service is a community affair, and young Messianic Jewish soldiers need just as much support as anyone else.

Top Secret: Jesus helping Israeli soldiers

As a lone guitar chord echoes across the room over a hundred Israeli soldiers rise to their feet. They have come because they need Jesus. With outstretched hands reaching towards the heavens they cry out, “We are surrounded by enemies, but you Lord are able to deliver us. With you O Lord, I can be a brave soldier.”

For these 18-19 year old Messianic Jewish fighters Yeshua is a source of comfort and strength. “I wouldn’t be able to last one more day in the army without Yeshua in my life,” says Oren, a commander in an elite naval unit. “The pressure is so intense,” he admits. “These times of worship and prayer are like a breath of fresh air for me.”

But it is not only the intense times of worship that bring these young Messianic soldiers to the Soldiers Fellowship. They come to...

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