Misleading Jewish Believers in Israel

Misleading Jewish Believers in Israel

Western ministers complain that Israeli Messianic pastors and congregational teachers lack formal theological training.


The faultfinders especially point to the fact that most Israeli Messianic expositors do not hold a Master of Divinity degree, which is the standard for pastors in North America.

Many further lament that local Messianic leaders “simply do not see the need for [formal theological training] when it is provided” (MISHKAN #75, June 2016). However, after living in Israel as a disciple of the Lord Yeshua for more than four decades, I view the situation altogether differently.

The “lack” of theological schooling and the formal creeds that come with it is, in fact, an advantage for Israeli Jewish believers, who are consequently freed from burdensome denominational legacies. Such spiritual freedom from misleading interpretations and theologies opens the door for fresh scriptural understandings.

For decades Israel has been subjected to heavy theological bombardment by varied Christian schools. More than in any other country, churches endeavor to convert the locals to their own doctrines. They are not satisfied with Israeli Jewish believers who are “merely” disciples of the Lord Yeshua.