NASA Astronaut is ‘Fascinated by this view’

Even from space, Christian astronaut feels the pull of the Holy Land as he reflects on God’s creation

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Even from space, veteran NASA astronaut Jeff Williams can feel the pull of the Holy Land.

Williams is currently aboard the International Space Station, from where he has been posting stunning photographs of Earth to Facebook.

Earlier this week, as the space station passed over the Middle East, Williams uploaded a breathtaking shot of Israel and its neighboring countries under the headline “I have been fascinated with this view.”

“Every time we pass over,” Williams expounded, “I have been fascinated with this view considering it contains the vast majority of Biblical history.”

Williams suggested that fascination stemmed from an appreciation for history instilled in him by his father, a high school history teacher.

But that’s only part of the story.

It is well known that Williams is a committed Christian.

In 2009, after his third spaceflight, Williams wrote the book The Work of His Hands: A View Of God’s Creation From Space in which the astronaut reflected upon the “vivid lessons about the meticulous goodness of divine providence, God’s care for His creation, and His wisdom in ordering the universe.”

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