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In recent years, I got to know Israel’s Neve Tirza prison well.

By Anat Schneider |
View from Neve Tirza, housing 180 women, Israel's only women's prison, near Ramle. Photo: Neve Tirza

This is the only women’s prison in Israel, so all female prisoners are housed together no matter what the crime, from murderers to drug traffickers to petty criminals.


After I graduated the Women’s Circles course, I looked everywhere to put the gift that I received into practice and share the principles with women who really need it. I’m a great believer that every woman needs a circle in which she can be herself, share her heart and listen to her friends. Most of all, she must learn to listen to herself and know herself from within.


In some places, women need to listen more intensely in order to move on. One example is a closed prison without any contact or support from the 

outside world, where their only hope is to be free and reintegrated into society.


I prayed to God and said, “Here I am.” I asked Him...

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