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Israel is a fairly liberal society, and will typically jump on the latest social justice bandwagon coming out of the West.

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Pixabay

Such has been the case with the movement known as “Me Too,” which has seen a wave of women who for years (often decades) held their tongues suddenly come out of the woodwork to expose the sexual misconduct of powerful and wealthy men.

T he thing is that Israel’s hardly in need of such a movement. In fact, “Me Too” happened in Israel a long time ago, and with much more severe consequences. Israel is a hyper-macho society, so sexual harassment most definitely happened, and still happens, here. But, at least in more recent decades, there was hardly a feeling that the female victims of this phenomenon were unable to speak out. Most did, and still do, with devastating results for their harassersץ

In the United States, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein suffered crushing embarrassment and lost his position in his own company as a result of sexual harassment charges. But, he has yet to face any legal consequences. The Internet is full of video clips showing former Vice President Joe Biden groping everyone from his own female aides to...

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