Obama Using Netanyahu Spat to Divert Attention From Iran Talks?

Israeli media believes Obama’s ‘childish’ response to Netanyahu’s reelection is calculated ploy of misdirection

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The over-the-top nature of US President Barack Obama’s negative response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection has taken many by surprise, even after years of tense relations.

An ex-Israeli ambassador to the US accused Obama of acting “childish,” and a senior US senator said the president needed to get over his “temper tantrum.”

But far from being a spontaneous juvenile backlash, Obama’s behavior just might be a very calculated effort to divert attention from the details of Iranian nuclear talks that very few outside of the White House find acceptable.

Or so suggested a number of Israeli media outlets this week.

In response, Member of Knesset Yuval Steinitz, who served as minister of strategic affairs in the previous government, announced on Facebook that he and a team of Israeli officials had departed for Europe “to influence the details of the Iranian nuclear agreement being formulated” by the American government.

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