Once Again: Israel Votes!

Fearing voter fatigue, leading parties engage in frantic last-minute efforts to mobilize their constituencies

By Dov Eilon | | Topics: Election
Photo: Yonatan SIndel / Flash90

At 7 AM local time, 10,543 polling stations across Israel were opened for the second time this year. All citizens had until 10 PM to exercise their democratic right to choose the next government.

In the previous election that took place back in April, voter turnout was 68.46 percent, somewhat lower than the 2015 election. Experts believed that even fewer Israelis would bother to vote in the second election in just a matter of months.

As such, many of the leading political parties engaged in frantic last-minute efforts to mobilize their constituencies by warning that rival factions could upset the traditional balance of power if too many Israelis chose to just enjoy the day off work instead of vote.

The first projections are expected as the polls close at 10 PM, but we have learned in recent years that the initial results returned by these exit polls cannot always be trusted. In the April election, Benny Gantz, head of the opposition Blue and White party, was already delivering a victory speech based on the exit polls, before learning that it was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who had emerged victorious by a narrow margin.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we report on and analyze the true results of the election here at Israel Today.

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