MembersOur Next Live Virtual Tour: Following Gideon, Israel’s 5-Star General

What’s the relevance of this ancient story from thousands of years ago to the contemporary military history and heritage of modern Israel?

The Jezreel Valley has seen its share of battle. Photo: Sharona Liman

If you ever used a hotel room in the US, you might have found Gideon’s Bible in the drawer next to your bed just like Rocky Racoon in the Beatles song.

Why do “hotel Bibles” bear the name Gideon?

Why do army units, special squads and intelligence forces bear the same name?

Gideon, son of Joash, was one in a chain of Judges, or chieftains, after the tribes of Israel entered the land of Canaan, and before Israel’s Kingdom. He is considered one of Israel’s all-time best military commanders with his glorious victory over the Midianites!

Wait – who are the Midianites? They were descended from Midian, who was the son of Abraham by his second wife, Keturah. So basically, the people of Israel and the Midianites are related. This kinship appeared in the Exodus with the warm relations between Moses and Jethro, priest-leader of the Midianites. Jethro’s daughter, Zipporah, married Moses.

But somewhere along the way these cousins became enemies....

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