Palestinian Authority Blames Israel for Entire Gaza Fiasco, Naturally

Palestinian leader doesn’t once mention terrorist missile strike on Beersheva in addressing Gaza Strip violence

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Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas convened his cabinet yesterday to address the situation in the Gaza Strip. Israel hoped he would condemn the terrorist missile strike on the city of Beersheva. Israel was disappointed.

In fact, Mr. Abbas did not mentioned even once the direct hit on a family home in southern Israel city by a terrorist-fired GRAD missile. Instead, he slammed Israel for escalating the violence in and around Gaza, and for collectively punishing the residents of the coastal enclave for the actions of its Hamas overlords and their terrorist allies.

PA spokesman Yusuf al-Mahmoud essentially stated in his own remarks that Israel deserves any violence directed toward it, which Palestinian officials routinely define as a "natural response" to Israeli "crimes."

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