MembersPalestinian Women: “We are all mothers of Jesus”

By Aviel Schneider |
Palestinian Women
Photo: Flash 90

A friend recently introduced me to a new Muslim propaganda campaign under the banner of “We are all Mary,” meaning the mother of Jesus. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the suffering of Palestinian mothers living in Jerusalem under “Zionist occupation.”

This inflammatory propaganda began in Istanbul, and quickly spread like wildfire across Palestinian social media. In the online Hamas-run news portal Falestine, Sina Amar, a Palestinian woman from Jerusalem, says: “The goal of ‘We all are Mary’ is to reveal to the world the suffering of Palestinian women in Jerusalem, many of whom are separated from their families. These women are mothers of Palestinian prisoners, martyrs or wounded. We want to rouse the world, which remains silent in the face of Israeli war crimes [sic]. That’s why we gave this campaign the name of the mother of Jesus, who suffered similarly.”

Another Palestinian activist from Jerusalem, Hajja Khawid, drew comparison between Mary and her holy offspring and those suffering Palestinian mothers: “Thanks to these women, the people are steady and strong [i.e. because they...

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