Palestinians Assault Visiting Canadian Foreign Minister

Angry mob hurls eggs, shoes and insults at visiting Canadian FM who has staunchly supported Israel in recent years

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A Palestinian mob hurled eggs and shoes at the vehicle of visiting Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird as he arrived for meetings in Ramallah on Sunday.

Palestinian media reported that dozens of heavily armed Palestinian police officers did nothing to halt the assault, but did prevent the rioters from reaching the diplomatic convoy.

Palestinians, including a number of activists from President Mahmoud Abbas’ own Fatah party, told Baird in no uncertain terms that he was “not welcome in Palestine.”

For the past few years, Baird has been the frontman for a Canadian government that unequivocally and unabashedly backs Israel in its ongoing struggle against Islamic terror and global anti-Semitic sentiments.

Last summer, Baird joined his boss, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in bringing clarity to the Gaza war, and demanding that the international community lay the blame where it truly belonged.

A few months later, amidst a string of deadly terrorist stabbing attacks, Baird contradicted those who claimed the violence was evidence of the need for a Palestinian state by, once again, laying the blame on the guilty parties.

While Baird signaled that he and his Palestinian hosts had continued to fail to see eye-to-eye, he characterized the meeting in Ramallah as “cordial and constructive.”

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