Palestinians Slam US for “Conspiring” to Broker Peace Against Their Will

Current spat with Trump Administration calls into question Palestinian Authority’s dedication to genuine peace

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The Palestinian Authority on Thursday slammed the Trump Administration for "conspiring" to broker a Middle East peace deal that doesn't meet each and every one of the Palestinians' demands.

For the very same reason, most Israelis are thrilled to now have the likes of Donald Trump steering the Israeli-Arab peace process.

Next Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 13-14), the Trump Administration and the government of Poland will jointly host a Middle East peace conference in Warsaw. Government ministers from around the world, and especially from the Middle East, have been invited to attend.

Left off the invitation list was the Palestinian Authority, which has repeatedly rejected any notion of a Trump-led US brokering peace between Israel and local Arabs.

The Palestinians have similarly preemptively rejected any possible outcome of next week's gathering, calling it "an American conspiracy intended to get the participants to adopt the US views on issues of the region, particularly the Palestine question."

For it's part, the Trump Administration has made clear that it will not apologize for taking a pro-Israel approach to the Mideast peace process, noting that the previous approach of trying to strike a note of equivalency had failed miserably.

"We don’t believe that in order for us to work on a peace effort we need to have an equivalency, where we can only say certain things about Israel if at the same time we also say something about the Palestinians," a senior US official told The Times of Israel.

"Not only does that not work; we don’t think it’s right. We say what’s on our mind; we speak the truth. The truth may be uncomfortable for some people. But we cannot solve the conflict without being open and honest," he added.

Indeed, 20 years of American administrations playing to Palestinian sensitivities had allowed the Palestinian Authority to systematically violate signed peace agreements and demand gestures and preconditions to which no Israeli government could realistically agree.

PHOTO: Palestinian demonstrators in Nablus (biblical Shechem) burn a coffin featuring the images of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump. (Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90)


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