Poll: Most Israeli Jews Think Trump is Helping Israel

Ignoring hysterical claims to the contrary, Israeli Jews see Trump’s more controversial actions as beneficial

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There has been wild speculation that US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will damage the peace process and ultimately hurt the Jewish state.

It's a scaremongering tactic that has long been used to coerce Israel into abandoning its historical claims and red lines.

But Israelis are no longer buying it.

The monthly Peace Index survey released this week revealed that a firm majority of Israeli Jews believe Trump truly understands Israel's concerns and is helping the Jewish state, despite hysterical reactions to the contrary.

According to the poll, 65 percent of Israeli Jews believe Trump's Jerusalem declaration was in Israel's best interests. Roughly the same percentage of Israeli Arabs said the opposite.

A strong 59 percent majority of Israeli Jews said that in general, Trump understands Israel's interests and is acting to their benefit.

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