Preparing to Bomb Iran? Israel Asks US to Deliver Refueling Plane Early

Trump Administration also agrees to sell Israel $3 billion worth of special jet fuel

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Iran
Photo: Flash90

PHOTO: Israeli F-35s take off from a base in the Negev desert during a training exercise with the US and other allied air forces.

Israel is looking to improve its ability to conduct long-range Air Force missions sooner rather than later, and that points to a possible strike on Iran in the near future.

The Jewish state was scheduled to take delivery of an advanced KC-46 refueling plane four years from now. Israel has long relied on a 1950s-era refueling plane to help its fighters extend their range. But that aircraft no longer meets the modern requirements of the Israel Air Force, especially when it comes to facing down the Iranian threat.

As such, Israel has reportedly asked the US to advanced the delivery of the KC-46 to two years from now.

In a related development, the US government this week agreed to sell Israel 990 million liters of special jet fuel worth about $3 billion.

Israeli defense officials have been told not to comment on these developments.

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