Prince William Was Stoned in Ramallah. Why Didn’t the Media Report It?

Can you imagine if Jewish settler kids had stoned Britain’s future king? It would have been headline news

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Prince William's visit was important for being the first (official visit) by a member of the British Royal Family since the founding of the State of Israel. But beside that fact, it was a rather uneventful stopover, as befitting the visit of an apolitical figure to a politically-charged region.

Except for once incident.

Seems that when Prince William went to visit with Palestinian and UN officials in Ramallah, his vehicle was stoned by Palestinian children.

This according to Quds News, which noted that the residents of Jalazun refugee camp had not been aware of the prince's visit beforehand, and when they suddenly found a British royal outside their homes, they became enraged.

Many Palestinians still blame the British for handing "their" country over to the Jews.

Prince William was, of course, unharmed. What's really telling isn't that Palestinian kids raised on a constant diet of hateful incitement would engage in such violence; it's that the mainstream international media completely ignored the stoning of Britain's future king.

Anyone who's been following this conflict for any length of time will know that had Prince William been stoned by Jewish settler children, the incident would have made headline news across the world for at least the next week.

So, why the lack of coverage when Palestinian kids do it?

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