Report Exposes Israeli Airstrikes on Egyptian Soil

Israel Air Force has carried out more than 100 attacks on Egyptian Sinai over past two years, report reveals

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A bombshell report by the New York Times last week revealed that Israeli aircraft have been bombing the Egyptian Sinai for the past two years with little or not media coverage.

Of course, the target of these strikes is not Egypt or its military. The target is ISIS.

The jihadist horde has managed to set up a fairly significant base of operations in the Sinai Peninsula, which, with the fall of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, is now the major ISIS stronghold in the region.

ISIS terrorists in Sinai have been behind numerous deadly attacks on Egyptian soldiers, which is why, according to the Times, Cairo was only too willing to cooperate with Israel to eradicate the threat.

The report revealed that for the past two years, unmarked Israeli jets, drones and helicopters have carried out no fewer than 100 strikes against ISIS targets in Sinai, with the full approval of Egyptian authorities.

This is seen by many as a groundbreaking development.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the two largest and most influential powers in the Arab world, and both have been quietly cozying up to Israel of late in the face of common enemies.

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