MembersReport: With ISIS On the Move Again How Will Their Global Activities Affect Israel?

With the world distracted with corona, ISIS expands its reign of terror and “everyone everywhere will pay the price” say experts.

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: ISIS
Archive photo: ISIS Fighters in Syria Photo: Shutterstock

In recent weeks, as the international community is preoccupied with how to cope with the omicron variant of the coronavirus, the Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center reported that ISIS has increased its attacks across the world: “An infographic published by ISIS summing up its activity around the world in the period between December 2 and December 8, 2021, indicates that in this period, ISIS carried out 45 attacks in its various provinces in Asia and Africa, compared to 35 in the previous week. The largest number of attacks was carried out in Iraq (16).”

For example, in Kabul, ISIS activated IEDs which resulted in the explosion of three buses, killing and injuring many Shias. In another instance, a Nigerian military base came under attack. And in Iraq, ISIS terrorists have been fighting against Kurdish Peshmerga. In one instance, “ISIS took over a village in Northern Iraq.” Although the Kurdish Peshmerga took back the village the next day, fighting continued between the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq...

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