Slain Israeli Soldier Died a Hero

Police believe far more would have died if not for the courageous actions of teenage female soldiers

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Israeli Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, 19, was sworn in to her mandatory national service just two months ago. On Wednesday, she met an untimely demise while confronting three armed terrorists in Jerusalem.

The attack occurred near the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City, where Cohen and another young female Border Police officer spotted a trio of Palestinian Arabs behaving suspiciously.

Cohen and her comrade demanded to see their identification, but instead the Palestinians pulled out knives and guns.

Eyewitness accounts stated that Cohen, despite being so young and inexperienced, managed to return fire before being fatally shot and stabbed. The other officer suffered serious injuries, but is currently in stable condition.

Additional police forces that arrived at the scene and killed two of the three attackers discovered two guns, several knives and pipe bombs on the bodies of the terrorists.

In other words, they were planning a much grander, more coordinated attack, and were ultimately foiled by Cohen and her partner.

Israeli security officials called the incident a “turning point” in the current wave of violence, that until now has consisted primarily of “lone wolf” terrorists spontaneously deciding to attack Israelis.

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