MembersSpecial Report: Iranians Turning to Israel. Are We in the Last Days?

We know the regime is listening, and they hear the thousands of Iranians expressing their love of Israel

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Iran
Photo: Roni Schutzer/Flash90

Mysterious blasts have been exploding around Iran over the past week. Fourteen so far, and Iranians are convinced it is the Israelis, but with a twist. They are happy about the harm these explosions are causing to Iran’s nuclear capabilities. That’s what thousands of Iranians are telling our special guest, Ran Amrani, or “Radio Ran” as he is known to his half a million monthly followers on his Persian-language radio station.

“The situation in Iran has become so dire, that thousands of Iranians are calling me to ask for help from Jerusalem!” Amrani told Israel Today in an exclusive interview. “Together with the coronavirus, a failing economy, sanctions and now explosions in Teheran and around the country, the people are desperate. They are asking Israel to help them!” he told us based on interactions with his daily listening audience of 30,000 Iranians, and half a million new listeners every month.

Listening to Amrani, I could not help but wonder if this might be the beginning of the prophecies which tell of the days when the nations, and...

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