Christians and the State of Israel on Her 75th Anniversary

NOW AVAILABLE: Full recording of our special event celebrating Israel’s 75th birthday and examining the prophetic role of Christians in her future.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: CHRISTIANS
Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

As Israel marks 75 years since its miraculous rebirth and heads – notwithstanding the internal turmoil – towards its God-guaranteed spiritual regeneration, multitudes of nations will come together for a UN-sponsored happening to validate the falsehood of Palestinian nationalism by declaring the Jewish state’s reconstitution a catastrophe. Scheduled for May 15 in the General Assembly, the occasion is to be called International Nakba Day.

At this critical time, we met with special guest Stan Goodenough on Zoom to consider the part Believers are called to play in the Battle for Israel and how, for Zion’s Sake, we might make a difference.

If you weren’t able to attend, never fear! The full recording is now available below:


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7 responses to “Christians and the State of Israel on Her 75th Anniversary”

  1. Disciple 1978 says:

    Sorry, that’ll be 6pm in Britain when we have our meeting.
    Am Israel Chai
    Hadrian’s Roman attempt to replace Israel with Palestine was destroyed when Palestine ceased to exist firstly due to the Mandates given to France and Britain by the League of Nations. Then by the UN Partition Plan that saw Israel reconstituted and Palestinian identity rejected by the Arabs. Given the PLO’s propensity for destroying everything they touch, such as Jordan, Lebanon and now Israel, Nakba is an apt description of their MO.

  2. Fernwood Van says:

    We live in the Eastern Time Zone and will be with Family at that time of day for Easter.

    I do hope this will be available for viewing.

    Blessings in Jesus Name.
    Thank you

  3. Jürgen Buschhardt says:

    What a weapon the Christian has only prayer only prayer.I love Israel.

  4. Pamela Roberts says:

    I have registered, but will not be able to attend live, since I have church commitments at the scheduled time ( 11 am Mountain time USA).I do hope that a link to watch the recorded event will be sent to all who register. Thoughts?

  5. hdfuerst says:

    google translate: We are very happy to see Israel reunited in its homeland.
    The “seven times” have ended; the rootstock has become a flowering tree again. The “seven times” ended for the country in May 1948, and for Jerusalem
    19 years later, in May 1967. The seven times are 7 x 365.25 days, for each day a year.
    Israel will last more than 1000 years, forever.

    Große Freude haben wir, Israel wieder in seinem Heimatland vereint zu sehen.
    Die “sieben Zeiten” sind zu Ende; aus dem Wurzelstock ist wieder ein blühender Baum geworden. Die “sieben Zeiten” waren für das Land im Mai 1948 zu ende, und für Jerusalem
    19 Jahre später, im Mai 1967. Die sieben Zeiten sind 7 x 365,25 Tage, für jeden Tag ein Jahr.
    Israel wird mehr als 1000 Jahre bestehen, für ewig.

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