Strength in unity

Exodus tells us about power combos through Moses and Aaron.

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, Bible
"Stronger together." A bus stop sign in Israel. Photo by Shutterstock
"Stronger together." A bus stop sign in Israel. Photo by Shutterstock

If you were wondering what brings people together and when such a connection is successful – you can see an example in the story of Moses and Aaron. Their story reveals the secret of a fruitful connection between two people, and even more. If we read even deeper, a secret of the connection between the different voices and sides within us will come to light.

When the time comes to take the Israelites out of Egypt, God addresses Moses and Aaron.

“And the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron and commanded them concerning the children of Israel and Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, to bring the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt.”

The two men chosen for the position, Moses and Aaron, are indeed brothers; but they are strangers to each other. Why? For most of their years they were not in contact because each lived in a completely different life reality.

The eldest brother (Aaron) grew up in the reality of a slave people and was used to living with a deep sense of the daily struggle. The younger brother (Moses) grew up in the royal palace as a prince experiencing the “cream” of Egypt.

And yet, when the two joined each other, a unique harmony was created. Together they motivate and lead the exodus of the Israelites from slavery to freedom, with great and complementary talents. The connection between them is so successful and precise that they became one entity that puts the “good” of the common goal before its eyes.

“They are the ones who spoke to Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt – he is Moses, and Aaron.”

The unusual ending of this verse, in the Hebrew, proves their unusual teamwork. They are connected together until they become a single entity that is spoken of in the singular.

From the moment of their reunion until the death of Aaron, we do not find in the scriptures a description of a fight between the brothers. Even in the story of the golden calf there is no mention of a fight. Moses and Aaron argue and discuss between themselves. They do not fight.

How was such a connection possible between two people who were almost complete strangers in the beginning? This connection was made possible because each of them was deeply connected to his being, connected to his mission, and connected to his God.


“Take-home” lessons

When our ego controls us, we find it difficult to share our feelings and intentions with others, and are afraid to combine forces because of the fear that this sharing will lead to power struggles and loss. They don’t say “inflated ego” for nothing, because the ego really takes up a lot of space and leaves no room for others.

When we are connected to our essence and unique calling; when we understand that we are on a journey of purpose in this world, then sublime and motivating unity and connections are created. These connections can facilitate greater success than we thought possible. When freed from the limitations of ego, we can sidestep many of our human foibles to see more clearly, widely and accurately.

This happens when each person agrees to be himself… when we know ourselves and the gifts we are blessed with, along with knowing our weaknesses… when this happens, the connection of unity can come about, empowering and enabling change.

In such a situation, being jealous of others is unnecessary and there is no need for power struggles. Both sides do not fear each other; they do not feel threatened, because they understand very well their role in the big puzzle where everyone is significant!

Moses was indeed chosen to be the leader, but he could not fulfill his role without Aaron. And Aaron, if he had not joined Moses, would not have been able to fulfill his own destiny in this world.

Each of the brothers needed the other to be complete and satisfied in their calling.

Each of the brothers needed the other to lead the people safely.

Let’s see Moses and Aaron as an example of healthy and successful relationships for us, whether with our spouse, our boss, our children, friends, colleagues or anyone else in a relationship with us.

When we manage to understand our unique abilities, and understand that the other side has its own unique abilities; and if we are in acceptance and agreement to unite forces; then we actually neutralize ego and fear and the thought that someone else will succeed at our expense. In this way we learn to manage jealousy, and in fact this is how we create a win-win situation for everyone. This is the way to overcome crisis because we understand how much power there is in uniting everyone’s forces together and uniting everyone’s abilities. In our diversity we complement each other, and together we become a great and wonderful whole.

This was one of the keys in Moses and Aaron prevailing over the ruler of the great empire at that time, Pharaoh; and leading the Israelites in difficult desert conditions for 40 years. It is no secret that our strength in the world lies in our unity. The people of Israel must unite! And the sooner the better. This starts with a leader of high stature like Moses, who sees the good of the people before his eyes. The leader will find the “Aarons,” with whom he can combine forces and work together. And everyone will see the good of the people as the most important thing.

Such a situation will restore trust and restore confidence to this people. And we will all step forward and see “that it is good.”


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