MembersJeremiah’s Anger With the Prophets and Priests

And is it fair to compare the prophet’s plight with that of Netanyahu?

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Bible
Photo: Public domain

It’s not easy to take on an elite class within the nation. For years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has complained about a left-wing liberal elite that won’t tolerate a right-wing government in Israel. In his view, Netanyahu and his family are being persecuted by Israel’s legal system and the mainstream media.

But there is also an elite in Israel’s economy. Around 20 wealthy families in the country determine the economic, and thus political direction in Jerusalem. Even in the Israeli army, an elite is said to dominate, according to which high-ranking officers are promoted according to their political worldview. Religious commanders have often complained about being passed over for promotion due to their personal faith and ideology.

But the Orthodox Rabbinate in Israel also acts like an elite that thinks it has a monopoly on God and all that is holy. People who have different ideas about God, faith and tradition are often derided or even excommunicated from the Jewish people. Anyone who attacks and provokes such elites in public must be prepared for anything.

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