Teenage Girl Assaulted by Arabs After Identifying as Jewish

Bet you didn’t hear about this. Imagine the outcry if Jews had beaten a teenage Arab girl

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A 15-year-old girl was brutally assaulted on Saturday evening simply because she dared to identify herself as being Jewish.

Those who read only the opening line above would be excused for believing this incident occurred in Europe. But the sad reality is that it happened in the Jewish state, in the northern city of Haifa.

The girl was reportedly walking not far from where she lives when two Arab girls believed to be around 18 years of age demanded to know if she was Jewish. When the girl answered in the affirmative, the two Arabs hurled glass bottles at her and beat her around the head, all while shouting curses at the Jews in general.

The teenage victim suffered a broken nose, numerous lacerations and bruises.

Commenters on an Israeli news forum noted that had the roles been reversed, had two Jews assaulted a teenage Arab girl, the incident would have made headline news around the globe.

The attack serves as yet another example that when the mainstream media does report on Jewish violence targeting Arabs, it is telling only half the story. The type violence periodicially highlighted by the media is suffered by Israeli Jews on an almost daily basis.

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