Terror Balloons Start Landing In and Around Jerusalem

Three such terror balloons have landed in or near Jerusalem since the start of October. Police warn residents to be vigilent

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Israel Police bomb squads were urgently called to the upscale German Colony neighborhood in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning after local residents spotted a "terror balloon" descending on the main thoroughfare, Emek Rafaim St.

The balloon was attached to an incendiary device. It landed in a construction site and did not cause any damage.

It did, however, ratchet up concerns, given that this was the third such incident in and around the capital this month.

On Monday of this week, a balloon carrying a similar incendiary device landed on a private home in the northern Jerusalem suburb of Givat Ze'ev. At the start of the month, another terror balloon landed on the highway running adjacent to the nearby town of Modi'in.

Palestinian activists in Gaza have been flying burning kites and bomb-rigged balloons into southern Israel for months, with devastating effect.

The recent incidents in Jerusalem would suggest that the capital's residents should get used to facing the same terror tactic.

PHOTO: A terrorist in the Gaza Strip launches a balloon attached to an incendiary device toward vulnerable farms in southern Israel. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

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