Terrorist Admits Stabbing Jews ‘Just Because’

Nazi-style anti-Semitism is alive and well. Israeli Jews are being stabbed just for being Jews, nothing more

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Nazi-style anti-Semitism is alive and well under the Palestinian Authority, Israel’s ostensible “partner” for peace.

Five years after Palestinian terrorists stabbed Israeli tour guide Kay Wilson and her visiting Christian friend, Kristine Luken, police documents reveal the motivation behind the attack was simply to “kill Jews.”

Wilson, who survived the attack despite suffering 12 stab wounds, had the following to say about the details of the interrogation:

This is an absolutely critical document. It is from the investigation that the Israeli police conducted with the terrorist Kifach Ginimat after the machete attack on myself that resulted in the death of my client and friend Kristine Luken Z"L – an American Christian murdered because of mistaken identity, culled because they thought that she too was Jewish.

ACCORDING TO THE TERRORISTS THEMSELVES, the sole reason behind murdering Jews has nothing to do with the ‘occupation,’ ‘politics,’ the ‘settlements’ or anything else. The only reason for terrorism is Jews must be ‘killed.’

Wilson posted a photograph of a portion of the police document to Facebook. It reads like this:

Kifach: We came to kill
Investigator: Kill who?
Kifach: Jews
Investigator: why?
Kifach: Just because. We came to kill.
Investigator: Is there a reason?
Kifach: No reason

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