The “Accurate” Reporting of Alhurra

Alhurra is the United States run Arabic TV channel that broadcasts in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Alhurra is the United States run Arabic TV channel that broadcasts in the Middle East and North Africa. Alhurra’s stated mission is to provide “objective, accurate and relevant news and information” and to “support democratic values.” Here are two most recent examples of such “objective and accurate” reports guided by US democratic values.

On June 21 Alhurra reported on “a Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli fire” near the town of “Beit Nour.” The “teenager,” 15-year-old Mahmoud Badran was killed during a Molotov and rock throwing incident on highway 443 near the town of Beit Sira. Rightly so, Israel considers such attacks as terror acts during which soldiers can shoot to kill. The death of Badran and his three injured friends is now under Israeli investigation attempting to find out whether or not the shooting was justified.

Alhurra’s report, probably based on the well documented biased reports of “B’tselem,” has decided in advance that Badran is innocent. Alhurra was also inaccurate in placing the incident near “the town of Beit Nour.” Objectively speaking, there is no such place as Beit Nour. The dead teenager is from Beit Ur-A-Tahta, the terror attack was aimed at Israeli cars on highway 443.

On the death of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel from Hebron that took place on June 30, Alhurra begins its short report with “the Israeli army said” that the Palestinian who stabbed Hallel to death was killed. This kind of report about a “Palestinian” who murdered a 13-year-old girl in her bed is a step short of calling him a martyr.

Similarly, a report on the stabbing attempt that took place in Hevron the next day reports on “the killing of a Palestinian who tried to stab Israeli soldiers.” This report too failed to identify the Palestinian woman as a terrorist killed by the soldiers whom she attempted to kill. The title, notably, cares more for a death of a terrorist than it does for the (potential) Israeli casualties.

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