The day after

A stormy night lies behind us with chaotic scenes in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv after the Knesset passed the reasonableness bill. What’s next?

By Dov Eilon | | Topics: Judicial Reform
Israel is descending into chaos, and the protests are going beyond what's legitimate. Photo by Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90
Israel is descending into chaos, and the protests are going beyond what's legitimate. Photo by Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

It’s done, the law prohibiting the Supreme Court from striking down legislation based on “reasonableness,” a key part of the controversial judicial reform, was passed yesterday in its second and third readings at the Knesset. The opposition boycotted the third reading and conceded a 64-0 victory to the governing coalition, which was celebrated with a joint selfie.

Happy faces from the coalition members. Selfie with Justice Minister Yariv Levin. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Things got hot outside the Knesset. Thousands of opponents of the judicial reform protested against the government and blocked the entrances to the Knesset in order to obstruct the votes. At the same time, a forum of about 150 major businesses and technology companies announced a strike. Shopping malls were closed and shopkeepers were effectively forced to attend the protest and not open their shops.

I hope you don’t think I’m anti-democratic when I say I’m against these moves. I have absolutely no sympathy for those who drag the entire population into this dispute. Shortly after the vote in the Knesset, I went briefly to our mall in Modiin to see who is participating in this protest strike and who is not.

I will probably buy my next pair of jeans somewhere else. A closed shop in Modiin shopping mall. Photo: Dov Eilon

Even worse, I find the interference of former army chiefs and heads of our country’s main security organs, such as former heads of the Shin Bet or Mossad, who have called on reserve soldiers to refuse to serve in the army should the law pass. I’m curious if the reservists will actually carry out their threat and refuse to serve in the army, thereby endangering the country and its citizens. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Or am I not understanding the whole situation?

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After my brief visit to the mall, I went home and watched all the madness that began after the Knesset vote on TV. Chaotic scenes developed in Jerusalem and also in Tel Aviv. There were fears of protesters storming the Knesset, reminding everyone of what happened at the US Capitol following Donald Trump’s election defeat. The Knesset was not stormed, but violent clashes broke out between the demonstrators and the police out front. At the same time, Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv, the focal point of the protests against the judicial reform that have been going on for almost 30 weeks, filled up again. The organizers of the demonstrations have already announced that the protests will continue on Saturday evening after the end of the Shabbat.

Doctors have announced a strike for today, and hospitals are working as if on Shabbat. Again the citizens are being punished. Many important tests that patients have been waiting for for months are not being performed today because some doctors disagree with the elected government. Or am I wrong here? What do you think about all the “balagan” (mess) here in Israel? Tell me about it in your comments below.

We have to find a way to get out of this mess. Because if it continues like this, it can become dangerous. A number of events already took place yesterday that must serve as a warning of what awaits if this uprising continues.

Protesters smash the rear window of a car in which two young children were sitting.

In another incident, a motorist freaked out and swerved into protesters blocking his path.

The driver and the rioters who smashed the car’s window were caught by the police.

I hope we’ll find a way to settle down. Only together are we strong against our enemies. Unfortunately, we have enough of them.


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3 responses to “The day after”

  1. Vernon Ryan says:

    Antifa is the, new world communist order, militant arm, it looks like they have been very busy in Israel. They did the same thing after the elections here in 2020, the J6 hoax was one of the results of their activities.
    In Israel’s history, many times when the Lord intervened, He turned the enemies against each other and brought about victory for Israel. It would appear now that Israel’s enemies are doing that against Israel. I see the Ezekiel 38 battle approaching more quickly now, those still against their own country when that happens, I don’t believe will survive. The Lord will have His remnant and will do great exploits with them, as Israel’s history brings to light.

    • ROGER PEDERSEN says:

      Similarities and Differences: Reminds me of another scene on January 6, when protestors at the capital did the same thing as the protestors at the Knesset building. American Democrats called them insurrectionists. Yet they heartily approve of this Israeli disruption of democracy concerning a vote on judicial reform. Also makes me think of the party line vote of Demos enacting Obamacare. The republicans did not react by calling Obama a dictator and claiming that democracy was ruined for ever.
      There’s an old adage that can be applied here: All your screaming and violence as protestors says more about you, than it does about those debating and voting in the Knesset.

      • Vernon Ryan says:

        Those on the left are not about debating and voting, they are about taking what they want like the lawless cur they are. Jesus said, “lawlessness would abound in the last days.” I see the left working very hard to bring about the fulfillment of the scriptures they don’t believe in, they are so against the creator they do anything it will take to destroy His creation. In doing so, they fail to realize they live here also.
        The ideology of the left is that they can create utopia, but, everything they do creates only destruction. Communism only builds for destruction, anything built in communist countries for good, was built by those from capitalist countries. but that is a secret, don’t tell anyone.

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