What does Hitler have to do with Passover? Roni Schutzer/Flash90
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The Hitler Haggadah

A telling example of how the Jews of the 1940s saw the Holocaust in comparison to the Exodus from Egypt


The Haggadah is the story of the Exodus told every year around the Passover Seder table. The Haggadah opens up with the question, “How is this night different from every other night of the year?” The rest of the Haggadah is the answer to this question.

Being such a central event in Jewish life, the Haggadah has its own interpretation genre. And being so formative, attempts have been made to provide alternative versions to the traditional text that at times address special events and cater to the needs of secular Jews. An example is one Kibbutz Haggadah that addresses the COVID pandemic, which last year created the unprecedented situation wherein this family festival had to be celebrated in isolation. The question of “how is this night different from every other night of the year?” was answered with “every Seder we celebrate with grandfathers and uncles. This night everyone is in quarantine.”

This short introduction is needed to understand The Hitler Haggadah, in which the whole Exodus...


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