The Irony of Atheists Condemning the Lord of Lies (Trump)

Liberal intellectuals are demonstrating their moral bankruptcy by condemning Trump’s supporters

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A day before Donald Trump turned president-elect, Yaron London devoted an item on his popular Channel 10 news program to The Economist’s editorial, “Art of Lie,” published on September 10. London is considered by many to be an intellectual par excellence. Assuming this is a fair assessment, it would also be fair to say that London represents the complete bankruptcy of the Western atheistic liberal intelligentsia that despises the masses for refusing to accept their views.

“Art of Lie” is a masterpiece of delusion. Considering that The Economist is not particularly interested in truth, casting Trump as “the lord of lies” screams of dishonesty. 

Exposing The Economist’s disregard for truth is easy. All that is needed is to look at how it covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Spreading the lie of Israel denying water to Palestinians is just a drop in that bucket, so to speak.

But dishonesty is not The Economist’s biggest problem. Worse is it’s inability to understand that, even if Trump is what they say he is, responsibility for the “post-truth” era lies squarely with the post-colonial, post-modern and multi-cultural frenzy of progressive liberals. For it is they who taught us that conflicting narratives and values are equally true and equally valid; the only exception being the contemptuous post-colonial white West.

Though The Economist is right to say that “feelings, not facts” is what matters today,it fails to note that the promotion of “feeling” above all else was born of hyper-liberal academic hives. 

Again, all that is needed is looking at The Economist’s position on the question of gender. “Transgender people are born to one gender but feel that they belong in the other,” says one out of many Economist articles on the subject. “Feeling, not facts” is the position this magazine takes and promotes. 

If what The Economist says about Trump’s voters – that they were motivated by fear – is true, it would also be true that the worldview The Economist works so hard to promote has penetrated deeply into the conservative camp. Truth would require The Economist to say that Trump’s victory is nothing more than a temporary, accidental setback. Instead, it is attacking with religious zeal the very thing it promotes.

Completely uncritical (which is the antithesis of being intellectual), Yaron London is gloating over The Economist’s attack on Trump and his supporters. Speaking with Yuval Dror, who tries to explain that “post-truth” began with the fragmented pictures of smartphone cameras and social media soundbites, London begins the discussion with this monologue:

“The biggest lie man has ever invented is God. Until today 90 percent of the people of this world are sure that there is a God, that God created man, that there is a divine providence … now, it is clear to any intelligent person that, let’s say, this is dubious at the very least.” 

Speaking of intellectual bankruptcy, in London’s worldview nine out of 10 people are lacking intelligence. Moses and Isaiah, Jesus and Paul, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, R. Akiva and Maimonides, Newton and Einstein were all lacking intelligence. Same goes for countless other unintelligent people of faith who elevated Western civilization to what it was until Darwin’s followers started working hard at reverting everything back to dust.

Speaking of truth, then, atheists like London are looking at believers as sub-humans who need the “Enlightened” to guide them into the Utopia that is awaiting just around the corner. This explains why so many of them praise democracy with their lips, yet resent it in heart. 

It is from similar circles of intelligentsia that the Stalins and the Maos of the world rose, they who terrorized their people in blood-soaked efforts to bring them closer to a brave, “intelligent” new world. But as the recent election has proved, at least in America a majority are still intelligent enough to fear the consequences of “intellectual” godlessness.

PHOTO: London on his popular Channel 10 News program. The banner reads “American Votes: Does the truth no longer matter in the digital era?”


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