MembersThe Jews of Arabia and the Making of Islam, Part 13


By Yoni Israel | | Topics: Jews of Arabia
Photo: Wikipedia

Blue Crystal

While the men of Qurayza are being slaughtered, the surviving women and children are taken aside. “Do not worry,” says Abdallah ben Salem, Mohammed’s Jewish theologian. “Mohammed ordered me that no harm will come to you.” “Woe to me that I have come thus far,” murmurs ben Salem to himself in fear and trepidation.

“Allahu Akbarrrr” shout the horsemen as they enter the Qurayza camp. “Allahhhhu Akbarrrr” scream the mule drivers as they try to catch up with the horsemen. A thousand years of Arab imagination spiced up by secret legends about the unreachable gentle Jewish women dwelling in closed quarters. A thousand years have come to an end. “Blessed be our prophet who granted us Allah’s victory and ushered us into paradise,” shouts now in a hoarse throat Mohammed’s bodyguard, Mohammed ibn Maslamah. He jumps off his horse and like a madman grabs four women to a nearby house. Out come animal-like voices. He wants no money. He wants no gold. He wants a Jewish woman made of pure blue crystal, like the ones...

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