MembersThe Jews of Arabia and the Making of Islam, Part 12

Part XII

By Yoni Israel | | Topics: Jews of Arabia
Photo: Yahav Gamliel/FLASH90

Four Options

Ka’b ibn Asad, chief of the Jewish Qurayza tribe, finally recognizes that no good will come out of his former friend Abu Lubaba, so he suggests three options to salvage the situation: Convert to Islam, kill all the Jewish women and children and go for a suicide attack, or launch a surprise attack on the Sabbath day. All three options are rejected, and instead “peace talks” are on the table.
Despite Ben Ahituv’s protests, Ka’b chooses another one of his former Aws friends, Sa’d ibn Mu’adh, to be the arbitrator between Mohammed and the Jews. He is sure Mu’adh will operate on his behalf. Unknown to Ka’b, Mu’adh departs while saying to his own Aws people, “weep for the Qurayza, weep for the Qurayza.”

Midday and Mohammed, accompanied by Mu’adh, enters the middle ground meeting tent, without greeting. “I heard and read your arguments, Mohammed, I heard and read your arguments, Ka’b ibn Asad,” says Mu’adh, “and this is my verdict: Beheading every Qurayza man, giving all...

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