MembersThe Jews of Arabia and the Making of Islam, Part 8


By Yoni Israel | | Topics: Jews of Arabia
Photo: Public domain

Ahdar dam

After a 10-day journey, the exiled Nadir tribe arrives at the city of Khaybar, in which there is a large Jewish community. For the chief of the Nadir, Hai ben Ahituv (Huyayy ibn Akhtab), and his son Eitam, this is not the end, but an opening of a new chapter in which Mohammed is a bitter enemy. Convening in their new house, Prince Eitam summarizes the meeting: “Now we sit tight and watch him closely.”

The Nadir took with them all their wealth, boxes of gold accumulated over generations. Now they are going to use it to fight the one who exiled them. The plan is to forge new alliances with the formidable Ghatafan tribe. In Mohammed’s camp things are not going very well. Exiling the Nadir and allowing them to take their wealth left the Muslims without either booty or work. A growing sense of resentment pushes Mohammed to act quickly.

“Ask them about that town which...

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